MiRMi Logo

The Malta International Risk Management Initiative (MiRMi) is a new type of knowledge-based partnership, focused on helping nations and companies to manage risks so that they can grow in a responsible manner.

MiRMi ‘s roots lie in comprehensive experience gained with Big Industry

Big Industries are:-

  • Of strategic importance to the functioning of society
  • Of strategic importance to the economy – local and global
  • Big multi-disciplinary employers
  • Committed to the development and application of understanding
  • Carry big responsibilities now and in the future, including addressing climate change

Examples of Big Industries are: Energy, Mining, Water, Aerospace, Finance, ITC and Big Data, Transnational Higher Education and Research, Transnational Capacity Development.

With reference to Big Industry, the key tenets of MiRMi partners are:-

  • MiRMi partners have a track record of working in Big Industries as committed guardians of “Understanding”, from its development through the analysis of their experience and research, to its acceptance and application in industry.
  • Demonstrably, MiRMi partners are by nature intrapeneurs and entrepreneurs, driven to make things better.

MiRMi’s unifying mission is its brand of Strategic Risk Management – producing ethically driven multi-disciplinary solutions to important challenges, underpinned by the transfer of understanding and empowered by the engagement of the workforce. This model works in all industries.

MiRMi is committed to the application of the latest understanding in the responsible solution of real-world challenges, empowered by the education and engagement of the people involved. In this context, the MiRMi mission is to deliver its brand of Strategic Risk Management.